Mineral Merchants is a multi-purpose trade agency that is dedicated to the development & expansion of various commodity producers & trade houses

AS An online-based ENTITY BORN IN Kuwait in the 2018’s WORLD OF COMMODITY TRADING, WE SERVE OUR CLIENTELE WITH EXCELLENCE & RELENTLESSNESS in their pursuit for commodity procurement


Our primary functions:

SHOWCASING & PROMOTING our trader’s portoflios
Screening & Filtering prospective companies
EstablishING REGISTRIES within our databases

trading segments:




– Matte
– Ingots
– Cathode

▪Halite / Rock Salt▪




– Wood biomass
– Lumber
– Raw timber from brazil, west africa, western europe, and siberia

▪Raw Gemstones▪


– steel
– aluminium

tertiary (brokerage):


– Coal
– Liquid Petroleum Gas
– Liquid Fuels


– Urea granular fertilizers
– soybean & its derivatives
– Grains
Since January 2019, our traders stopped trading in agriculture commodities (EXCEPT UREA) and shifted to brokering them from major producers instead
A wise man named Sam once said: Better be master of one than jack of all

For all other commodity types which our traders don’t trade themselves (eg. Agricultural & Energy Products), we would refer interested parties to associates of ours that specialize in these trades
Contact us for more information whether you are a trading company, an end-user, or a professional brokerage firm

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