Kizara Wood Memo Pad (x1,000 / Large)

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Kizara is the first step in producing popular & renewable wood products.

In an age where Japanese forests are falling into decline, companies like Kizara aim to preserve their existence by maintaining human-made trees, which account for more than 40% of Japan’s forestry industry.

Skilled crafters have to shave the outer tree layers to keep it naturally healthy; then, they process these shavings into excellent gift products, such as wood memo pads and household items.

The proceedings from these sold products are devoted to supporting Japan’s declining forest industry.

Japanese cedar and cypress wood have anti-bacterial properties that can potentially keep foods fresher compared to traditional plastic and paper.

Using products made from these sources helps to raise money to plant more of these beneficial trees; and, in the long term, to produce a more vibrant forest and a sustainable foresting industry.

Kizara’s Wood Memo Pads come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Wood shavings (kyougi) are sliced sheets of silky smooth wood (0.15-mm to 0.25 mm thin).

Butchers and food dealers have used them as food packaging from ancient times in Japan. Kizara’s highly skilled artisans had to master this tradition, which dates back to the Edo period.

Each note pad is custom crafted by hand, resulting in a unique production outcome for each pad. Please enjoy the individuality of this product.

(Since kyougi is not the usual kind of paper, you can use each slice for many purposes; drawing, writing, decorating, serving food, sending it as a luxury gift, and many more.]


We do not do refunds. All sales are final and are shipped directly from Japan

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 18.4 × 12.6 cm


Country of Origin


Shipping Time

Average 1 Month to ship for 3,000 memo pad units


We do not do refunds. All sales are final and are shipped directly from Japan


1,000 units of wood memo pad


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